By Dani Jo Mabeus

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One of the greatest things about travelling is all of the different people you meet and come across along the way.  Everyone brings their own flare to conversation and you can end up learning a lot from the briefest of encounters with people.  Although each individual is unique, patterns begin to emerge, making it easy to separate individuals into general groups.  Here are some possible kinds of travelers you might find yourself around during your explorations.

1)      The Expat:  These people, for one reason or another have decided to up and leave their own country and live abroad.  The expat usually has great stories of personal adventures and can be quite helpful to people who are just travelling through.  They tend to be open minded and eager to learn about cultures.

2)      The One Upper: You are sitting in a group of people when you casually say, “Wow, this food is spicy!”  All of the sudden from the other end of the table you hear, “You think this is spicy, you should try the food in India.  I was there for three months and I don’t know how I did it.  Then after that I went to Australia but that was nothing compared to China, Taiwan…blah blah blah.” Before you know it, the person has listed off all fifty six countries they have been to.  You become so bored and annoyed that you start chugging your drink just so you can have an excuse to leave the table to get another one.

3)      The Experienced Vet:  The experienced vet has been traveling around for quite some time.  They are usually very chill and easy going and have some great stories to tell.  They are very helpful when it comes to travel tips and they are typically good people to keep in touch with since you never know where you might end up and where their connections are.

4)      The Super Planner:  Your friend asks if you want to go on a relaxing getaway so of course you agree.  Next thing you know, every minute of every day is planned out on paper and in front of you.  They have taken the liberty to book rooms ahead of time and looked into transportation as well.  Of course this can be both good and bad depending on how flexible ‘the super planner’ is from straying away from the original plan if need be.

5)      The Lone Wolf: This traveler prefers to travel around alone.  We have all done it at some point: felt sorry for someone we saw eating alone.  However, the Lone Wolf traveler doesn’t mind being alone and making their own schedule.  They are usually very open to meeting new people and having new experiences.

6)      The Bros:  These types of travelers can be a local’s worst nightmare.  They tend to be very loud and quite rude and seem completely oblivious to the culture around them.  Where there is house music and buckets, you are sure to find a group of the bros living it up on their holiday.  On the plus side, they are a lot of fun to be around and you are sure to get a free drink or two out of them.

There are many more types of travelers and of course these are complete broad generalizations of groups you may notice.  Whichever group you fall into (if any or maybe more than one), the one thing they all have in common is they have all decided to travel.  My roommate received a postcard the other day from a man she met from France.  After reading it she said, ‘the traveling community is truly amazing.’ I think that pretty much sums it up.  Travelers of all genders, creeds, races and backgrounds are a community.  Whether you are traveling on holiday or making a life out of it, you will meet people who will change your life and teach you a little bit more about yourself and the world we live in.


In Dani’s downtime, you can find her sipping on margaritas fruit shakes by the pool or enjoying the company of her fellow teachers. She is addicted to the American version of The Office and hopes to one day marry Steve Carell. A girl can dream, right? She writes about her adventures in Thailand in The Farang Files.


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